“The use of still photos alone to market homes no longer cut it in today’s real estate market.”

With the increasingly competitive real estate market, agents must stand out from the crowd and demonstrate to their current and future clients that they are checking all the boxes to market their homes.  It might not be enough if you’re relying solely on listing photos. Buyers want to see more than just pictures. They want to experience the property for themselves. Don’t let your property fall behind. Consider adding immersive media with interactive virtual tours, floor plans, and videos to promote your listings and gain new ones!


Real Estate Listing Websites

 Hosting included for 1 year with the core marketing package

Impress your clients with a professional listing website for their property that combine all of the marketing assets in one place, Designed to share on social media, email blasts etc.

Click to below to view this real estate website

Click to below to view this real estate website

Click to below to view this real estate website

Real Estate Listing Marketing Kit

Included with every website

Easily create printable property flyers, social media posts and more!

The BARNESMEDIA Custom 360 Tour features Zillow/Realtor.com Syndication, Customizations, Image Enhancements, Drone 360 options, and more!

  • Dramatically accelerates user view counts to your listings 

  • The 360 Tour link will appear at the front and center of your Zillow and Realtor.com listing!

BARNESMEDIA technology-enabled real estate photography service that offers select agents comprehensive media packages to make their listings stand out in any market.  This includes high-resolution listing photos, an optional interactive floor plan with an embedded virtual tour hi-end listing photos, downloadable floor plans, aerial photos, and more.

“Spotlighting a seller’s home is more important than ever as listings linger on the market. Higher mortgage rates and the subsequent pullback in home-buyer demand mean sellers and their agents face more days on the market for their properties. 

A key to unlocking listing engagement with potential buyers is to give them the immersive, digital home shopping experience they want and help agents gain new listings! Homes on Zillow with a 3D Home tour and/or interactive floor plan were saved by users 78% more often than homes without a virtual tour.

For home sellers, interactive listing media is no longer optional. Most sellers (70%) say they are more likely to hire an agent who includes virtual tours and/or interactive floor plans in their services. First-time home sellers now see their agent’s use of rich listing media as essential to bringing in a higher sale price. Nearly 2 in 5 (39%) recent first-time sellers think they could have gotten a higher sale price with better listing photos, and 1 in 4 (25%) say a virtual home tour would have helped boost their bottom line.

New 360 walk-through with Floor Plan*

Automatically syndicates to Zillow and Realtor.com.

*Floor Plan optional extra

Exclusive Aerial 360’s!

View the entire neighborhood from a “bird’s eye view” at the maximum FAA allowable altitude of 400 feet.

Best used when showing off acreage and or proximity to key features and/or landmarks.

Compare Virtual Tour Providers

Ability to color correct and enhance panoramic images

Item removal (like the camera in the bathroom mirror!)

Add Drone 360’s

Precise floor plan measurement using advanced LIDAR technology

Simple and easy-to-use client user interface

Google Analytics from your website measures user engagement

According to Zillow, 3D Tours with floorplans can get up to 78% more saves.

Real Estate Photography with Lights

Flambient photography is a photography technique that combines elements of both flash and ambient lighting to capture high-quality real estate interior photos. It is often used as an alternative to High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography in the real estate industry. Here’s an explanation of the benefits of flambient photography compared to HDR for real estate:

  1. Natural and Appealing Lighting: Flambient photography uses a combination of flash and ambient lighting to achieve natural and aesthetically pleasing lighting in real estate photos. It helps to create a balance between indoor and outdoor lighting, making the photos look more like what the human eye would perceive.
  2. Accurate Color Representation: Flambient photography is effective at accurately representing the colors of a property’s interior and exterior. This is especially important when showcasing features like paint colors, materials, and textures, as HDR can sometimes result in unnatural color shifts.
  3. Enhanced Details: The use of flash in flambient photography helps to bring out fine details and textures, making it suitable for showcasing architectural elements, intricate designs, and high-end finishes.
  4. Controlled Lighting: With flambient photography, the photographer has more control over the direction and intensity of the lighting, ensuring that key areas of the property are well-illuminated and minimizing shadows and overexposure. This level of control can be particularly beneficial when dealing with challenging lighting conditions.
  5. Better for High-End Properties: Flambient photography is often preferred for high-end and luxury real estate properties where showcasing the finest details, materials, and finishes is crucial.
  6. Drawbacks: Slower Workflow: Flambient photography typically requires more post-processing time and more time on-site than HDR. HDR images involve multiple exposures and are merged using automated processes, while flambient images require a more complex editing process for each individual image.

It’s important to note that flambient photography requires skill and experience to master the balance between flash and ambient lighting effectively. It may also require additional equipment, such as off-camera flashes and light modifiers. Ultimately, the choice between flambient and HDR photography should be based on the specific needs of the property, the photographer’s expertise, and the preferences of the client or real estate agent.

True Twilight Photography

True Twilight Photography

  • Listing a home using twilight photography offers several benefits that can enhance the property’s appeal and attract potential buyers
  • Dramatic Atmosphere: Twilight photography captures the home at a time when the natural light is fading and the artificial lights inside and outside the property are beginning to illuminate. This creates a captivating and dramatic atmosphere that can make the property stand out in listings and marketing materials
  • Increased Views to the listing: For homes with scenic views or desirable outdoor surroundings, twilight photography can help highlight these features by capturing them in the soft, atmospheric light of dusk. This can be especially effective for waterfront properties, homes with mountain or city views, or properties with expansive gardens or landscapes.
  • Differentiation in the Market: Using twilight photography can set a listing apart from others on the market and attract attention from potential buyers

Custom Image Editing

Exterior Lighting helps images “POP” when lighting conditions are less than ideal.

Day-to-Dusk Conversion With Lights

The use of powerful photographic photo strobes helps light exteriors and interiors


+ Increase views to the listing

+ Can be an affordable alternative to the traditional twilight photos

+ Use when a home does not have adequate interior lighting

+ Can add “Wow Factor” to lower to mid-price listings

+ Use when the exterior of the house is in the shadows

– Not appropriate for high-end luxury listings

– Can look fake if not shot properly

Come Out from the Shadows Example 1

Properties whose exteriors are shaded by trees, etc., don’t photograph well.

  • Powerful exterior photo strobes are used to bring this home in the shadows to life!
  • Interior photo strobes help bring life to the windows.
  • The lawn was enhanced and shadows reduced with “Photoshop AI Generative Fill”

Come Out from the Shadows Example 2

Sun behind this house, powerful photographic strobe lighting helps make this image “POP”!

  • Front illuminated by powerful 600-watt photographic strobe
  • Lawn replacement by “Photoshop AI Generative Fill (May require agent disclosure)